Inspired by the northwest hills of NJ in the shadow of the Appalachian Ridge, Water Street creates a new version of Americana, mixing soulful acoustic melodies with rugged rock and roll bursts, enticing bluegrass mandolin riffs,  and a driving rhythm section with some hints of funk which combine to create a uniquely new, Pop/Americana/Roots sound. 

The band first adopted the name Water Street from the location where the band would meet to practice, write and hone their craft. They took the name as a nod to their roots, reflecting the close sense of community bonding them to their town, each other, and their work.

The band released their first full-length album "Waiting for Martin," in 2016 and followed with "Dear You," a six-track EP in 2018. They have appeared on the pages of Vents Magazine and The Indie Music Review, and played hundreds of shows across the region. The band competed in and won Dorney Park's first Battle of the Bands in 2016, earning them a spot on one of Musikfest's main stages in Bethlehem, PA later that year. Water Street's third album, "All We Tried To Be," debuted in March of 2022.  

This is a band that means what they say. Sit back, take a listen, and expect the unexpected. Prepare to be won over by Water Street's dynamic energy and genuine likeability. 


Water Street has been around for a while but seems to have found their stride… A brighter, more pop-rock focused sound has emerged and caught the attention of a growing fanbase…This is not a band of kids just trying to get attention anymore. Water Street pours out emotion and welcomes listeners to come along for the ride. 

Power-pop songwriting at its highest. 

Keith Pro- Indie Band Guru

"Water Street has the skill to recreate the music of the past, but their songwriting soars and flies on distinctly modern wings. Their lyrical material and the energy they bring to their performance is deeply informed by multiple styles of music and that fact elevates the release far above some hollow recreation of roots music."

-Shannon Cowden, Indie Music Reviews

"Water Street is one of the best well-rounded musical efforts emerging from the indie scene in recent memory."

-Lydia Hillenberg, Vents Magazine 

"Water Street embodies the best of modern Americana while surrounding their material with an excellence that extends far past typical."

-Monty Zike, Valhalla Music Blog 

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